How ABC iview Came to be

When I first joined the newly formed division of Innovation at ABC, I’d been previously working in News. In a brand new position in a brand new division, charged with being innovative, my first idea to the table was an ABC TV video on-demand service, extending previous development and content work I’d been doing in News, specifically for Four Corners.

Iview was ahead of the technology curve, with A/DSL still very much an emergent network. It was meant in part as a provocation to the business of broadband and online rights to accelerate the business of delivering content as broadly as possible, a core charter obligation for the ABC.

After about six months of development, with a core team of three, and a broader network of invaluable people from all across the corporation ABC iview started broadcasting. Read about the detail of its inception in this LinkedIn article I wrote for the tenth anniversary of the service.